10 questions with Alex Finlayson, player for Färjestad BK dam


1. Age: 24

2. Interests (besides hockey)?

“Reading, Guitar, Sports, Baking”

3. How has hockey shaped you into the person you are today?

“Hockey has shown me the importance of discipline, commitment, and perseverance; it has introduced countless friendships and created lasting bonds with some of the people I hold dearest in my life.”

4. Best memory?

“Winning the OWHL Provincial Championship in 2014.”

5. Rolemodel?

“Serena Williams.”

6. Favorit hockeyplayer?

“Bobby Orr.”

7. Where does your motivation come from playing at this level?

“I think my motivation stems from the lack of opportunity for women in sports. I hope to see the day when women have equal opportunity and compensation in athletics.”

8. Family members?

“Jeannette Finlayson (mother), Mark Finlayson (father), Kate Finlayson (sister).”

9. How did you end up in Färjestad?

“I came here to instruct at a Girl Power Hockey Camp and was recruited by the coaches. I had one year left of teachers’ college in Canada and then applied for a teaching position at the Internationella Engelska Skolan. I signed both a teaching contract and a playing contract in 2019 and have been here since!”

10. Fun fact about the city you come from?

“Toronto is one of the most multicultural and multiracial cities in the world!”